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New Series
Baduk Class with the Ghost Baduk king,
Intermedicate course set
[editor Lee Sedol]
\ 21,000
This is a basic baduk book in which you can learn baduk with Jaeh...
Supplementary Pristonetale
Offline RPG 1
[Kim Byeong Gwon]
\ 8,500
The First creator makes six new worlds and sends 10 managers to I...
Baduk Ten Commandments of Lee, Se-Dol with Oz
[Lee Sangmi]
\ 8,500
It is the Baduk comics series that makes baduk seem like a kind f...
New Best Series
Starcraft SCV (Ashbee) 5
[Oh, hyun Seok]
\ 8,500
What is the real identity of Show-Me-the-Money, who is getting de...
New Series
History of Dynasty for Children Series (Total 6 Books)
[Text by Sang-gak Lee,
Seo-jeong Lee]
\ 53,000
This is a series of history books for children. It covers the T...
New Best
Black Rubber Shoe 1 - Popular Animated TV Series
[Hong Jin P&M]
\ 8,500
The Black Rubber Shoe series broadcast on TV is composed of reada...
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